The Der Yid Newspaper (affiliated with the Satmar community of Williamsburg) printed a strong editorial against the anti-vaxxers. The newspaper also took the rare step of printing it in English. It would be good if it can be posted. The English below is a verbatim translation of the Yiddish.

Below is an edited version for smoother reading and clarity.

Senseless! Heartless! Torah-less and Reckless

Orthodox Jewry in general, and Williamsburg in particular, found themselves in the media this week due to the measles outbreak that is spreading among observant Jews more than any other community.

The City, doctors, community leaders and the yeshivas have been appealing with public for weeks and months to stop the foolishness that penetrated to a small percentage of observant Jews not to vaccinate their children which has directly led to the measles outbreak. Our publication has devoted many pages during the past few months with various reports and announcements regarding the danger of measles and the critical importance to vaccinate.

Yet, a small number of stubborn parents still know better.

We are not doctors; we have not studied medicine or statistics like the geniuses warning you about the dangers of vaccines. But we do know whom to trust when there is a serious health issue in the community.

When there is an emergency, one rushes to call Hatzalah.

When there are doubts if one needs to fast on Yom Kippur, one asks a regular doctor – not a nutritionists who may have good advice on the best diets.

When it’s time to decide if to have a serious surgery, you don’t turn to a hotlines, but you go to a conventional doctor.

When you need a referral to a good doctor for a serious health problem you don’t stand at the bus stop to and take a poll of friends for the right address, but you call those devoted rabbis who understand medical matters or the recognized medical referral agencies who are familiar with the best doctors.

All of them say that one must vaccinate.

How can one even have the slightest doubt on whom to listen to?!

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