Lately, it seems that no matter where you go, or what background you’re from, Jews from all over the world are singing “Ko Echsof.” This inspirational song was written by known Tzaddik Reb Ahron Karliner ZT”L, and has quickly become one of the most sung Zemiros on Friday nights. Something about this particular Nigun penetrates ones soul, the more you sing it, the more you feel it.

This Hartzig song and arrangement was presented by Yoily Polatseck of the Zemiros Choir, as a gift to Shalom Vegh of the 5 Towns, a close friend of his, at a special occasion to honor his Siyum Hashas. Guided by Yoily, the group’s founder and musical director, Ko Echsof which is the Zemer of today is now being paired with the Zemiros who know Zemiros better than anyone. The harmonious voices of Zemiros Group paired with the arrangement by Yoily will have you hitting the replay button hours after you have seen this video.

The lead vocal is performed by one of the most popular and sought after vocalists today, Shloime Daskal. Joining Shloime’s powerful and dynamic voice is the quickly rising wonder child Shulem Saal, who’s sweet innocent voice will leave you at a loss for words. Shulem, is part of the widely popular Shir V’shevach Boys Choir, under the leadership of Chaim Meir Fliegman.

So please enjoy Ko Echsof as you have never heard it before and share this amazing video with the world.

A Shalom Vegh & Zemiros Group Production Credits: Sung by: Shloime Daskal Choir: Zemiros Group Child Soloist: Shulem Saal Event: Shalom Vegh Siyum Hashas Choir: Yoily Polatseck - Arranger/Leader Yoely Friedrich Berl Karpen Toivy Friedman Music: Arranged & Conducted by Nochi Krohn - Courtesy of Krohma Music Sound: Black Arrow Productions Engineer: Ruli Ezrachi Post Production: Yoily Polatseck Mix: Nochi Krohn Video: Motty Engel Editing: Yoily Polatseck Producer: Yoily Polatseck