Tehillim is being requested for a Yungerman from Kiryas Yoel who was R”L critically injured in an early morning crash on Route 17.

According to the NY State Police, the victim was travelling eastbound operating a Mercedes Sprinter van when it veered onto the shoulder in the area of Exit 127. It appears that the driver may have over-corrected, causing the van to overturn – blocking the eastbound lanes.

Moments after the crash, a Chevrolet Suburban travelling in the eastbound lanes was unable to stop in time, and slammed into the overturned Sprinter van.

The driver of the Sprinter – a resident of Kiryal Yoel – was rushed to Orange Regional Medical Center where he was listed in critical condition. He was later transferred to Westchester Trauma Center.

The driver of the Suburban suffered minor injuries.

Please be Mispallel for Avrohom Yehoshua ben Yechet אברהם יהושע בן יכט who is a volunteer for the Lecheirus organization.