Many of us were ready to pack up the gloves, hats, and shovels after getting a taste of warm weather, but Mother Nature is reminding us that spring isn't here yet.

The Giant grocery store parking lot Green Spring Tower Square was busy on Sunday.

“I came here earlier and I couldn't even get on the lot so I left and I came back and I finally got a space,” shopper Hartsel Covahui said.

 Covahui suspects this week's snowy weather forecast brought the crowd to the grocery store.

“I figured we'd get something before it was all over,” Covahui said.

The winter blast comes after a stretch of mild weather.

"It was 70 on Thursday, so it kind of felt like spring but I'm Ok with snow,” shopper Daniel Willen said.

State Highway Administration crews are working to get ahead of the storm, including pretreating roads as the Baltimore area braces for between 6 to 12 inches of snow with areas north and west of Baltimore possible getting up to 18 inches on Tuesday.

“This storm is supposed to begin all as snow, no rain,” SHA spokesman Charlie Gischlar said. “If it was rain, we wouldn't be able to pretreat because it would simply wash the material off the roadways.”

Gischlar said to expect to see tanker trucks spraying the salt brine mixture through Monday.

“What that does is it prevents that initial bonding of snow and ice,” Gischlar said.

Gischlar said the storm’s timing could make clean up easier.

“We're lucky in that it's late in the season,” Gischlar said. “The sun angle is getting very steep so that if it does snow during the day, even on a cloudy snowy day, that sun angle is still going to be steep up in the atmosphere, which heats the pavement up quicker so a little bit of salt goes a long way.”

The SHA started this winter season with 380,000 tons of salt housed in 95 domes and barns and gallons of salt brine stored at 77 sites. SHA officials added that there is also up to 2,700 people and pieces of equipment will be available to respond to this storm.