Askonim and authorities moments ago have released the name of the person struck and killed last night in Lakewood

The man was identified as R’ Peretz Scheinerman, 61, who recently moved from Eretz Yisroel.

The subsequent investigation by Lakewood PD, Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, and Ocean County Sheriff’s Department CSI found that a 2015 Kia Sportage being driven by a Lakehurst resident, was traveling east on Rt. 528 when he struck R’ Peretz just east of the Hillside Boulevard crosswalk with the front passenger side of his vehicle. R’ Scheinerman Z”L was pronounced deceased at Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus.

“A statement, blood draw and forensic cell phone review will all be part of the continuing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident,” the Prosecutor’s Office said. “The vehicle was removed from the scene and transported to OC Sheriff’s Department-CSI, pending a search warrant.”

Askonim are working with officials to expedite the release of the body to enable to Kevurah in New York before Shabbos.

In a frightening twist, R’ Peretz Z”L was killed on the Yahrtzeit of his grandfather, Reb Peretz Scheinerman Z”L, whom he is named after, family tells TLS. His grandfather was also killed by a vehicle over 60 years ago.

A Levaya for a few minutes will be held at the 7th Street Chapel in Lakewood at approximately 11:45 AM, and the Niftar will then be brought to New York for Kevurah.


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