Baltimore, MD - Mar. 6, 2017 - In a word, “invigorating”.

This is how Joel Polatseck of the Zemiros Group described his Shabbos in Baltimore. For the 3rd year, Torah Youth and GCC Productions welcomed the Zemiros Group for a Shabbos filled with ruach and neshama!

Their Shabbos schedule: On Friday night the Zemiros Group led a magnificent Kabbolas Shabbos davening at Suburban Orthodox Cong. They then participated in Suburban’s annual Shabbat Across America dinner, and led zemiros throughout the meal with an oneg afterward. On Shabbos morning they added their talents during davening at Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion. Shalosh Seudas, they found themselves back at Suburban to cap off singing and to take Shabbos out on a high.

What followed was a night that Joel called “indescribable”. Lev Shlomo graciously hosted the Zemiros Group for a kumzitz at the Chanukas Habayis of their newly renovated Beis Medrash sponsored by the Sharaby family. 

Shaya Kohn said that the evening was magnificent and off the charts! Joined by the Zemer Orchestra (sound by Yaakov Englander, violinist Yonatan Grimberg, percussionist Matt Schoenfeld, master guitarist Eli Cohen and sensational keyboard player Steve Levin), the Zemiros group led a magical 2 hour kumzitz including a message of chizzuk from Rabbi Menachem Goldberger, shlita. 

Photo Credit: B. Ansbacher Photography