Dear Friends,

This past Motzei Shabbos was truly a memorable experience for the hundreds of shul and community members who attended the Shomrei Emunah Evening of Appreciation.

Below, view the powerful tribute video shown at the event in memory of Laure Gutman a'h.


 In this video, many people close to Laure speak from their hearts about a remarkable woman who made every day count and lived to help others.  The beautiful messages shared on the video coupled with the powerful remarks at the event, reminded us that this experience was not just about the past, but the future as well.   We were implored to not only reflect on her remarkable life, but also to learn from Laure’s example and perpetuate her legacy of making the shul and the world a beautiful place.     

An initiative has been launched which encompasses both a Shomrei Emunah Beautification Fund and a series of volunteer endeavors, both which will perpetuate Laure's legacy of beautifying Shomrei. 

This fund will support present and future shul beautification needs.   The short-term fundraising goal is $100,000 for various projects in the near future including Beis Medrash upgrades and improvements to other parts of our building. We ask everyone to participate in the beautification fund to the best of their ability;  Thank you very much to the many people who have already pledged and contributed.  

Donations can be made by donating on the shul website here.

Thank you as well to the many people who have already provided suggestions regarding volunteer initiatives and expressed a desire to ‘roll up their sleeves as Laure would have’.   Please stay tuned for further announcements, as planning committees will be formed over the next few weeks.

Thank you in advance for participating in this initiative!


Rabbi Binyamin Marwick

Dov Ocken                                                      

Itzi & Dassie Barr and Michael & Zipporah Neuman, Event Chairs