Thinking of going on that cruise you’ve always dreamed about?

Don’t miss the boat when it comes to Kashrus, Tznius, and Shabbos!

Join STAR-K Kosher Certification’s Telekosher Conference Series

                Kosher Cruises

TODAY, Wednesday March 1, 2017 12 Noon ET

With STAR-K Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Baruch Beyer

Hosted by Rabbi Zvi Goldberg


Questions are encouraged from the listening audience. You can ask questions via chat during the show.  You can also email us questions prior to the show at The teleconference will run for about 40 minutes.

There are 3 ways to join:

•             Online: We are video broadcasting live via the web at

•             Smartphone: Download the ClickMeeting app (Google Play, App Store, Blackberry App World or and enter the meeting code 998-385-953

•             Phone: call 1-218-895-1203 and enter conference # 2020

Mark your calendars! STAR-K's ongoing TeleKosher Conference Series is generally scheduled at noon ET on the last Wednesday of each month. Classes are archived at and on Vimeo