The battle is not only trying to find the refuah, it's also trying to stay up with the financial obligations which are so overwhelming.

ALS has paralyzed his body, but it will not break his family’s spirit - Your kindness and generosity will save the life of former Baltimorean Rabbi Dovid Frid and change the lives of his family

I once heard from my Rebbi in the name of the the “Avnei Neizer,” a beautiful explanation of the Gemoro Shabbos105b “Whoever lets down/ weeps over the passing of an adam kasher -- upright, virtuous man -- Hashem counts his tears and puts them aside in His treasury."

The Avnei Neizer explains why the term Adam Kasher is used as opposed to Chosid, Tzadik, Gaon…

He brings the Gemoro in Chulin 58a which says “A Treifah, an animal with one of the 18 signs described in Chulin 42a that are terminal, cannot live for twelve months.”

He explains that during the 12 months there are different situations that the animal must go through such as heat and cold. If the animal can endure all situations then this is a sign of “Life.” And it is rendered “Kasher.”

So too, a person goes through different situations and challenges throughout his life. If one can serve Hashem even in the tough situations then he is truly rendered an “Adam Kasher.”

My Rebbi added that he heard from Rav Moishe Feinstein, ztl [and I saw in the Introduction of “Likutei Basr Likutei,” from Rav Shmuel Alter, ztl.] that  in Parshas Bechukosai,  we find the “Tochahcha” which depicts the yissurim-suffering chas veshalom that klal Yisroel will endure if they don’t keep the Torah.   

 Immediately afterwards, the posuk deals with Erchin-the evaluation of a Jew.

The idea that the Torah is teaching us is, that to really know the value of a person we should not look only how he acts when things are going good. Rather his true value is determined by looking how he acts when he meets up with adversity.

I want to tell you about a neighbor of mine here in Telz Stone, Israel, Reb Dovid Frid who personifies this idea.

If you would have known R’ Dovid Frid before ALS, a cruel and debilitating disease, began wreaking havoc on his body, you would have seen a man who loved life. A man who was dedicated to learning Torah and raising his eight children.

A few years ago I sent Reb Dovid  a letter of bikur cholim and chizuk. One of the things I mentioned from Rabbi Abraham Twersky was,

"…that man is held accountable for performing to the maximum of his capacities as they are at any given moment. When a person is in good health and is able to perform actively, then he fulfills his purpose by exercising that ability to the maximum. If he is frail, bedridden, and left with very meager capacities, then he fulfills his function when he exercises these meager capacities to their maximum. Even when one becomes so paralyzed that he can do nothing actively, if he uses his mental process to accept suffering with faith in the perfect judgement of G-d, then he is as much as a devoted servant of G-d as one who performs actively."

This is his response.

Dear Rabbi Price,
Thank you for your kind words, Torah insights and Divrei Chizuk. Both the Igros Moshe and Minchas Yitzchak point out that the Mitzva of Bikur Cholim can be done by telephone and it would make sense that their words could apply to written communication as well.

For the completion of this sacred Mitzva, my name is Dovid Yehoshua Ben Liba Malka and I would appreciate it if you would add me to your prayers.

Actually, in response to your insight, I have been able to accomplish much more in my present state than when I was well. Thank G-d I am able to learn and have kept up with the Daf Yomi (first time I've succeeded in doing so) give my Shabbos Shiur and even take upon myself to give a Yora Daya Shiur.

I have more time to learn and have a regular Chavrusa with my son now.Unfortunately, when I went to work my learning schedule suffered terribly. HaShem is giving me the chance to catch up. This may very well have been one of Hashem's considerations.

I want to bless you that you should have good health, Parnassa and success in all of your endeavors especially continued Zikui HaRabim

With Torah Brachos

Dovid Frid

Now, ALS has left R’ Dovid completely paralyzed and on a breathing machine. ALS is painful. Although the disease has progressed to the point where R’ Dovid is now fully paralyzed and dependent on life support, he still keeps up his daily learning schedule using advanced computer technology. He is a true hero! And an Adam Kasher!

I'm sure that he is using his mental process to accept suffering with faith in the perfect judgement of G-d, and he is as much as a devoted servant of G-d as one who performs actively.

He needs 24-hour surveillance to survive. However, this cost, in addition to doctors, medicines, supplemental equipment and a myriad of other expenses not covered by government insurance are well beyond his family’s ability.

ALS has paralyzed his body, but it will not break his family’s spirit

Kindness and Generosity Will Save the Life of Rabbi Dovid Frid and Change the Lives of his Family

I would like to make an appeal. Due to generous matching donors, every dollar you give will be DOUBLED! That's right! Your gift can work TWICE as hard. You will have TWICE the impact in helping his family through this terrible medical crisis. Because of you, they will be free of the month-to-month struggle to pay for never ending expenses and be able to live again.

They can’t do it alone. They need your help.

Thank you for taking the time to read their story. May you all be blessed with good health, happiness and success in all your endeavors.

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