Bais Yaakov Elementary Teachers and Faculty Meet and Greet the Administrative Teams for the New Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary Divisions of the School.

Baltimore, Md - May 23, 2016 - On Wednesday May 11th and Monday May 16th, Bais Yaakov of Baltimore hosted two ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions for faculty and administration to learn more about the exciting changes taking place at the school by through meeting the new Principals: Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders and Rabbi Yochanon Stein.

At the podium: Bais Yaakov of Baltimore President, Dr. Shmuel Markovitz. Seated (L-R) Upper Elementary Principal Rabbi Yochanon Stein & Lower Elementary Principal Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders 

On the Wednesday evening prior to Pesach, Bais Yaakov of Baltimore President, Dr. Shmuel Markovitz held a faculty conference call launching the establishment of two unified but distinct divisions of the Elementary School: the Lower Elementary under the leadership of Principal Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders together with Coordinators Mrs. Liora Rosen (Limudei Kodesh) and Mrs. Jane Baker (General Studies), and the Upper Elementary under the leadership of Principal Rabbi Yochanon Stein together with Mrs. Shira Hochheimer (Limudei Kodesh) and Mrs. Lisa Schecter (General Studies).

Dr. Markovitz expressed his excitement at the prospects of bringing together a dynamic group of professional mechanchim and educators to support this development. There was participation on the phone conference of over 100 participants listening in to divrei bracha from the Chairman of the Va’ad HaChinuch, Dr. Yoel Jakobovits, and a warm message from Rabbi Mendel Freedman, the esteemed, current principal of the Bais Yaakov Elementary School. During the conference call, they announced there would be opportunities for the faculty to meet the new administrative team and learn about the exciting shifts taking place at the school.

The faculty met the new administrative team and learned about the exciting shifts taking place at the school. 

The two ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions began with Rabbi Sanders (above) expressing his personal Hakaras Hatov to the school. Specifically, Rabbi Sanders thanked Rabbi Freedman for bringing Rabbi Sanders into Bais Yaakov close to a decade ago as Assistant Principal, and for the continuous guidance Rabbi Freedman continues to provide. Rabbi Sanders also shared a poignant message on the inauguration of the new school structure - which is a Chanukas HaBayis. Because the teachers and moros at Bais Yaakov passionately support each other, this foundation will foster a chinuch environment that will allow their Talmidos to connect to Hashem and to each other, B’ezras Hashem.

This was followed with a message by Rabbi Stein (above). He shared a brief personal history and described the importance of supporting excellence in education for each student given the many challenges that exist for students today. It is this dedication to excellence that allows Bais Yaakov to succeed and for which Bais Yaakov is renowned. 

Subsequently, the two Principals shared their common intention to maintain that level of excellence by supporting continuous growth for all stakeholders in the Bais Yaakov Community: students, staff, families, and the organization as a whole. They proceeded to begin a meaningful discussion around the concept of building a shared vision that looks to “What do we, as a school community, want the future of Bais Yaakov to look like?”

“This is a process to allow each individual staff member to feel they have a voice in the development of the vision of the school” Rabbi Sanders expressed. Similarly, Rabbi Stein shared that it is the desire of the school leadership team that “every student and faculty member should enter the school each day knowing that they have the opportunity to do what they do best! This will facilitate the growth of learners who are filled with engagement, hope, and well-being.”

We wish the school and the new administrative teams much Bracha and Hatzlocha