Baltimore, MD - Oct. 30 - Wednesday, 15 Cheshvan 5776, was the 57th Yahrtzeit of HaRav Michoel Forshlager, zatzal, an almost unknown gadol beYisrael. As Rabbi Yirmiyahu Kaganoff points in a recent article here on, although asked on several occasions to become the Rosh Yeshivah of well-known yeshivos, and he could have been the rav of a very prominent community, HaRav Forshlager, zatzal,  never took a position in either rabbonus or as a Rosh Yeshivah, content to spend his life learning and writing his voluminous chiddushei Torah. Furthermore, through his entire life he refused even to sit in a prominent place (along the mizrach wall) in a yeshivah or shul, but always insisted on sitting together with the regular mispallelim.

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During the lunch break of the Chassidishe Kollel L’Horoah, Rabbi Hershel Rosenfeld, the Rosh Kollel, brought a group of 10 yungeleit and mispallelim to Rabbi Forshlager's Kever at Bnai Israel Cemetery to say tehillim and daven.

Many of the Yungeleit who have just moved to Baltimore were surprised to learn that the kever of such a talmid chochom could be found so close to home.

After Tehillim and Kaddish at the kever, the group visited other kevorim before returning to second seder.

Photo Credit: Yosef Goldman