Baltimore, MD - Nov. 7 - As of Shabbos, Parshas Veyetzei, November 8, it is now possible to push a baby stroller or carry along Greenspring Ave. and enter the Quarry Lake area through the main entrance.

For the past few years, the Eruv included only the gazebo entrance. This presented a challenge to many and the "Eruv of Baltimore" desired to rectify the situation. This was finally accomplished this week with the participation of Rabbi Mayer Pasternak who volunteered many hours towards making this happen.

Rabbi Yonah Ribiat, who checks the Eruv for the Baltimore community each week, stands by the Quarry entrance.

Several homeowners in the area were approached and agreed to have a small piece of the Eruv cross their properties. This does not resolve the issue of Summit Park Elementary with its playground being outside of the Eruv. A solution to that problem is being explored.

A big Yasher Koach to Rabbi Pasternak.