Israel's war cabinet has unanimously approved a suggestion by the IDF and Shin Bet to accede to the US pressure to allow fuel into Gaza.

Following this, two containers of fuel will be allowed into Gaza per day, to provide for "UN needs and support for water and sewage infrastructure," a diplomatic source said.

The source explained that "this action provides Israel with the ability to continue the international coordination necessary to eliminate Hamas."

He insisted, "The containers will be transferred through the Rafah Crossing, by means of the United Nations, to the civilian population in southern Gaza, so long as they do not reach Hamas."

"This action is intended, among other things, to support water, sewage, and sanitary systems in a basic fashion, so as to avoid the spread of plagues which are liable to spread to the entire area, harming both the residents of the Strip and our forces, and spread even within Israel," he said.... Read More: Arutz-7