Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, today (Thursday, 16 November 2023), paid a condolence visit at the home of the family of the late Maj. Moshe Yedidya Leiter, z'l, H'yd, a Shaldag Unit company commander, who fell in battle in the Gaza Strip.

Members of the family told the Prime Minister and his wife about the incident in which Moshe fell in the Gaza Strip and about the character of Moshe who, apart from being a family man, a father of six children and a loving husband, was a brave and daring soldier. The family members said that Moshe set a personal example, and was a role model, for his soldiers – always the first to carry out the mission and always the first to attack.

The Prime Minister and his wife Sara embraced and expressed their support for the family members and many friends who came. Prime Minister Netanyahu shared how he personally coped with bereavement after his brother Yoni fell.

Yehiel Leiter, Moshe's father, served as Prime Minister Netanyahu's chief of staff when the latter served as Finance Minister. In their conversation, Yehiel Leiter asked the Prime Minister to continue to the end, until a decisive victory over Hamas. The Prime Minister said that he has sworn that this will be the case, and added that Hamas would be defeated with the help of the great spirit of the soldiers of the IDF and the people of Israel.

Yehiel Leiter also noted the amazing unity among the people and said [translated from Hebrew]: "The IDF is not only the most moral army in the world regarding the enemy but it is also the most moral army in the world regarding its soldiers and their families."