Baltimore, MD - June 7, 2023  - Maryland has been blanketed by a smoky haze from Canadian wildfires, leading to poor air quality alerts across the state. The National Weather Service predicts conditions to deteriorate further into Thursday, according to Pikesville Patch.

The entire state is currently under an air quality advisory, with smoke concentrations being particularly harmful for individuals with respiratory illnesses. Clean Air Partners — responsible for air quality forecasts in the Washington-Baltimore region — issued Code Red air conditions for Baltimore, Annapolis, and northern Maryland, and Code Orange for Washington, D.C., Montgomery, Howard, and Prince George's counties.

According to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), the heavy smoke is a result of ongoing fires in Quebec, carried towards the Mid-Atlantic by northerly winds. A concentrated smoke plume is expected to reach the eastern half of Maryland by Wednesday evening, significantly raising fine particle concentrations.

Residents, particularly those with respiratory issues, are advised to limit time outdoors and consider wearing masks to reduce irritation. Health precautions also include reducing strenuous activities, especially outdoors, for healthy individuals, children, and older adults.

The public is urged to contribute to reducing air pollution by minimizing electricity usage, avoiding lawn mowing, and limiting driving. A frontal system arriving on Friday is expected to provide some relief from the poor air conditions.

The hazy conditions and smoke are also expected to affect visibility and weather patterns, with forecasts for the coming days predicting widespread haze and patchy smoke.