Baltimore, MD - Mar. 15, 2023 :

If you:

—Would rather stick a hot needle in your eye than join another WhatsApp group; and

—Do not appreciate people pressuring you to join chesed projects that they are passionate about but are not for you; and

—Hope that someone else with more time will take care of it; and

—Have already stopped reading this; then….
Then this next part is going to be a very hard sell. Here it is anyway: When you need to go somewhere, you get in your car and go. If you had no car and still had to get the same amount of stuff done every day, it would be impossible.  
If you have a mom, you might call her for help, but if she is dead then that is not an option. If you had a spouse who drives, you might reach out to that spouse, but if you are divorced or widowed, no spouse to call. If you have friends, you would call them, but you can’t rely on friends for transportation every day. If there was a community organization to call for help, you would call them, but there isn’t. And Ubers every day would be tens of thousands of dollars a year.
Hundreds of people in this community --- often special ones with billion dollar real estate and Teslas lined up for their personal use in the next world -- have no way of getting from point A to point B in this world. They need a ride to Seven Mile Market, shul, a doctor’s appointment, a class, etc… You’re going that way anyway, so here is how to connect to provide a ride (cue: hot needle in eye):  
Text 410-963-5804 with your name and number to join the “Easy Ride” WhatsApp group as a driver.

Or just click here:

Aim to give one ride a week. You never post on the group. Riders post, and if you are available to give a ride, you respond to that rider privately (by either giving them a ride, or ordering them an Uber or Lyft).