Cultural events held on Shabbat that are subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, including the "Israeli Shabbat" project, will continue as usual, the Ministry and the Prime Minister's Office announced in a joint statement on Monday.

According to the statement, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Culture and Sports Minister MK Miki Zohar clarified the situation in a conversation between the two. Zohar stated that he wants the initiative for the activities to come from the funded entities and not from the ministry itself, but funding and the content of the activity would not be harmed.

"I welcome the fact that the "Israeli Shabbat" project will continue to operate as usual. Not everything is politics. Sometimes the truth is simple: all Israelis, religious and secular, those who can reach and those who can't, will be able to continue to come every weekend to more than 100 heritage sites and museums throughout the country and connect with our heritage and our culture," former Minister of Culture and Sports Chili Tropper said.

"I hope that the agreement will indeed be realized and the activity will continue to be free of charge, so that everyone can participate in it. Thank you to all the Israeli public, right and left, Shabbat-observant and non-Shabbat-observant, who linked arms together to keep the Israeli Shabbat.''... Read More: JPost