Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu and MK Bezalel Smotrich on Sunday evening held a meeting, which lasted approximately three hours, together with the negotiating teams of the Likud Party and the Religious Zionist Party.

“The meeting was held in a good atmosphere and progress was made on all topics. The parties will meet again tomorrow with the goal of establishing a right-wing government as soon as possible,” the Likud said in a statement published after the meeting.

Earlier on Sunday, Smotrich expressed optimism that a right-wing government would be formed in the coming days.

"We are, God willing, after a clear victory for the right in the election campaign and in the midst of coalition negotiations, and I can tell you with full confidence: With God's help, a real right-wing government will be formed in the coming days. There is significant progress in the negotiations, we have shown good will and a great deal of understanding so that we can form a government soon, and I estimate that we are nearing the completion of the important task," Smotrich said.... Read More: Arutz-7