Twin terror attacks in Jerusalem: How do we react? Chaim V’Chessed presents guidance for parents during this challenging time.

In light of Wednesday’s terror attacks in Jerusalem, many parents have questions and concerns. How do we respond to our children’s questions? How can we model healthy behavior for our children? And more…

Chaim V’Chessed is pleased to present a 30 minute webinar to assist and guide parents through this troubling time. The event will feature Mrs. Zahava Farbman, MSW. Mrs. Farbman is a veteran traumatologist with over twenty five years of experience in crisis intervention, trauma and bereavement. She will offer psychological and practical guidance for parents with children affected in any way by Wednesday’s events.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, November 24, at 9 PM (Israel time) and is open to all parents. Click here to register.