A Tel Aviv court ruled in favor of the Netanyahu family Monday, ordering former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to pay the Netanyahus damages of 97,500 shekels for defamation.

Judge Amit Yair of the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court handed down the ruling Monday morning, in a defamation lawsuit brought by the Netanyahu family after Olmert publicly claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife Sara, and their son, Yair, suffer from an “incurable mental illness,” and have been hospitalized as a result.

The lawsuit was filed in May 2021, with the Netanyahus demanding 837,000 shekels ($256,360) in damages.

Olmert made the claims during an interview with Democracy TV, saying: “I had heard recordings of the family members, and I consulted with experts who know them and who testified about behaviors that fall under the category of what is popularly called abnormal insane behavior.”... Read More: Arutz-7