The Tel Aviv-area light rail system will operate on the Sabbath beginning in roughly one year, the company which manages the system announced Sunday, after Israel’s Transportation Minister called to open the rail on the Jewish holy day.

At the request of the Minister of Transportation Merav Michaeli, the NTA company has prepared a preliminary assessment of the preparations for and the operational feasibility of operating the red line on Saturdays.

"Now the decision has been made, the ministry is entering into an accelerated planning procedure to ensure the operation of the red line on Saturdays,” said Michaeli. “We will work to implement what the majority wants; there is an historic opportunity here."

NTA Mass Metropolitan Transit System stated in a report prepared at the request of Minister Michaeli that it is possible to make preparations for the opening of the light rail in Gush Dan on Saturdays within about a year, following preparatory work that includes updating contracts, recruiting personnel and increasing the budget.... Read More: Arutz-7