Baltimore, MD - Sept. 23, 2022 - Dear Parents:

We live in times of great uncertainty. A world steeped in immoral values, where nations seek to destroy one another and financial markets are struggling with instability. Through all of this we seek some sanity, a ray of clarity for ourselves.

As one walks around the halls of our Cheder, hearing the precious voices of young innocent children, singing and davening to 'ה, repeating the heilege פסוקים of חומש after their רבי, or the older תלמידים engaged in the שקלא וטריא of the גמרא, there is no room for doubt. אשר בחר בנו מכל העמים.

The תורת אמת continues its journey of מסורה. At the end of the school day, when the תלמידים enter the doors of their homes to be greeted by their loving parents, there is a very defined clarity.

They have experienced a day of תורה, עבודה, גמילות חסדים with דרך ארץ and סדר.

May we be זוכה to a כתיבה וחתימה טובה, a year of continued נחת and gezunt to the entire Cheder משפחה.

TI Rosh Hashana Message from Creative 1080 on Vimeo.