An effort to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón was rejected on Monday after organizers failed to submit enough valid petition signatures to get the matter on the ballot. 

The Los Angeles county clerk’s office said that of the nearly 716,000 signatures collected by organizers, just over 520,000 were found to be valid. To qualify the recall for the ballot, organizers needed to submit 566,857 valid signatures, the county clerk’s office said.

Nearly 200,000 signatures were deemed invalid for various reasons. In some cases, the signatures were found to come from people who were not registered to vote, or whose signatures didn’t match those on their voter files. Several thousand signatures came from people with addresses outside of L.A. County. 

This is the second failed attempt to recall Gascón, a reform-minded prosecutor who has faced criticism from some residents, law enforcement officials and business leaders amid rising crime in Los Angeles.... Read More: The Hill