Russia launched the largest missile barrage on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv in weeks early Sunday, hours before a Group of Seven meeting convened in Germany to discuss new economic measures to stop Moscow’s invasion.

Several missiles flew toward Kyiv around dawn, and Ukrainian air defenses shot down at least one on the outskirts of the capital, Ukrainian government officials said. One missile hit an eight-story residential building, where city officials said residents were pulled from the rubble. One person died and four others were injured, including a 7-year-old girl and her 35-year-old mother, who is a Russian citizen, Ihor Klymenko, the head of Ukrainian national police, said on his Facebook page.

Another missile landed on the playground of a kindergarten, according to Ukrainian media. The kindergarten was empty at the time.

“It’s more of their barbarism,” President Biden said at the G-7 summit on Sunday, when asked about Russia’s latest attack in Kyiv.... Read More: WSJ