Baltimore, MD - June 21, 2022 - After an absence of three years due to Covid, the Mir had the opportunity this past weekend to express their hakoras hatov for the community’s ongoing friendship and support.

Harav Yosef Elefant, Shlita and Harav Shmuel Levovitz, Shlita, Ramim of Mir Yerushalayim visited the city of Baltimore for a Shabbos of Chizuk, Shabbos Parshas Behaaloscha. The warm ­ruach of the Mir was all over the city as Rav Elefant and Rav Levovitz spoke in many shuls and were very warmly received. People were running from one shul to another in order to hear as many droshos as possible.

Harav Nachman Levovitz, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim, joined Sunday morning visiting with close friends and supporters Sunday and Monday. Although many in the community were very busy with personal simchos and obligations, they made sure to find the time to attend the Annual Benefit Reception on Sunday evening. It was a beautifully arranged event, with rabbanim and communal leaders participating.

The evening was opened the by the host, Mr. Dov Ocken, who shared some of his feelings about the Mir- going back over twenty years ago. It was followed by a short video presentation of the Mir today. Rabbi Mordechai Grunwald, Director of Development, followed by thanking the entire community and especially the host for their enthusiasm and involvement over this campaign.

Harav Nachman Levovitz who has represented the Yeshiva in Baltimore for the past 31 years, followed with divrei bracha of the direct connection and hashpaah that the Baltimore community has with Yerushalayim and of the Mir. Harav Ahron Lopiansky, Shlita, guest speaker, elaborated the feeling he always felt how the Mir is an oasis of menucha within, secluded from the tumult and influences of the outside world. The atmosphere of the Mir allows for breeding and growing such outstanding talmidei chachomim that continue to spread Torah throughout the world.

The impressions felt over this weekend will hopefully leave a lasting impression over the entire year.

Motzaei Shabbos Alumni Reception

Sunday Evening Reception