Gov. Larry Hogan said he is hopeful that Maryland's COVID-19 state of emergency will no longer be needed after its 15 remaining days.

The governor's address comes 15 days into the 30-day state of emergency.

"The next 10 days to two weeks are really going to be critical," Hogan said. "Our aggressive efforts will continue and we ask Marylanders to continue to remain vigilant and to keep doing the things that can keep us safe -- wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, watching your distance, staying home if you feel sick, and most importantly, getting tested, getting vaccinated and getting boosted."

On Jan. 4, the governor issued a 30-day state of emergency to take urgent short-term actions to combat the current crisis. He also issued two executive orders to address hospital staffing and supplies and another to augment the EMS workforce and mobilize the Maryland National Guard to assist local health officials with the emergency pandemic response.... Read More: WBAL