Eretz Hakodesh, the chareidi faction in the World Zionist Congress, has revealed, in a stunning exposé, that in an informational video distributed by the Reform movement, its leaders fully admit that despite the struggle that they are waging to revise the layout of the Kosel Hamaarovi, the Kosel actually does not interest them at all, and they are merely using it in a symbolic fashion in their effort to reshape the entire Jewish culture of the State of Israel.

With the inauguration of the new government in Israel, the leaders of the coalition parties pledged to quickly advance approval of the outline for the revised Kosel, an effort that has been halted since 2016 due to the opposition of the leaders of the chareidi parties in the Knesset.

The outline supported by the Reform includes significant changes to the entrances to the Kosel, a significant expansion of the plaza area used by members of the Reform movement for prayer without a mechitzah (partition), and the establishment of a public council to manage the prayer plaza in cooperation with representatives of Reform organizations.

Despite the commitment of the leaders of the coalition parties, disagreements arose between the government ministers, some of whom were afraid to change the status quo on an issue on which there is a consensus of the majority of the Jewish public in Israel – namely, to leave the Kosel alone. As a result, the government has not yet made a decision on the matter. The media has featured quotes from private conversations of Ministers Elkin and Shaked, who oppose the proposed changes to the Kosel.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman addressed the delay last month, explaining why he did not fight for the proposal to be implemented despite throwing his support behind it.

“We cannot do anything unilaterally,” Lieberman said. “The stability of the government is of paramount importance. Any individual issue, no matter what it is, does not justify the dissolution of the government, nor is any unilateral action justified if it will leave no choice for one of the parties that make up the coalition to bolt and break up the government.”

Against the background of the delay of the Kosel proposal, the leaders of the Reform movement are trying to capitalize on their last opportunity to push through the proposal in a government that is not beholden to the chareidi parties. It is in light of this that they have launched an all-out, broad public campaign to gain support for their changes to the Kosel which will completely compromise the kedusha and sanctity of this holiest place.

Eretz Hakodesh, which regularly monitors the activities of the Reform movement, has revealed that as part of their struggle for the transformation of the Kosel, the leaders of the Reform movement have produced a video in which they explain to the secular public the importance of their battle to reform the Kosel. This is despite the fact that Reform Jews rarely, if ever, visit the Kosel, having no interest in that makom kadosh. To the Reform leaders, the Kosel is nothing more than a symbolic matter in their struggle to influence all matters of religion in the State of Israel.

“Who cares about the Western Wall?” the movement’s leaders are seen on their video asking rhetorically. “Have you been there once or twice in your life, to a bar mitzvah or military swearing-in ceremony? Why should you be interested in what everyone is fighting about? Because,” the Reform leaders continue, “it is not just about the Western Wall. It’s about civil marriage.”

The video continues: “The struggle for the layout of the Western Wall is a symbolic one, because the Western Wall is the holiest place for the Jewish people… Once the ultra-Orthodox monopoly on the Western Wall breaks, it will finally be possible to promote civil marriage and public transportation on Shabbat, and generally reduce ultra-Orthodox control over our lives. Just like you are not agreeable to have the rabbinate control your eating habits or your ability to drive your car, so too must the rabbinate not be granted control of the Western Wall.”

Rabbi Pesach Lerner, chairman of Eretz Hakodesh, remarked that “this video and the comments made on it are quite significant, because this is the first time that the Reform movement has shown its true colors in public, exposing the fact that they have no interest in the setup of prayer at the Kosel. Equality with regard to prayer is merely a tool being used by them in their struggle to control and reform the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

“Especially now that the chareidi parties are out of the governing coalition,” said Rabbi Lerner, “the Reform movement is trying to exert pressure ‘in the name of Diaspora Jewry.’ This will result in irreversible damage if we allow them to spread their lies and trample on the Jewish character of Eretz Yisroel. It is critical at this point in time to recognize the vital role of Diaspora Jewry to raise our voices and prove to the Israeli government that Diaspora Jewry wishes to maintain the status quo at the Kosel and is vehemently opposed to any changes to the prayer setup there. In the name of Diaspora Jewry, we call on the Reform movement to cease spreading their lies and leave the Kosel alone.”