Beginning Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) will move to bi-weekly collections for recycling, using an alternating Week A and B cycle system for curbside collection services:

Northeast and Northwest (north of North Avenue) neighborhoods will be on Week A of the alternating schedule, which will start on January 18 - 21. Their following collection will be the week of February 1 - 4.

Southeast and Southwest (south of North Avenue) will be on Week B of the alternating schedule, which will start on January 25 - 28. Their following collection will be the week of February 8 – 11.

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DPW Recycling Cart

Use Online Map to Confirm Your Recycling Collection Cycle, Day 

Residents’ recycling day will NOT change with the shift to Bi-Weekly Recycling collections. For example, if your typical recycling collection day is Thursday, it will remain on Thursday with this new schedule, and collections will occur bi-weekly. This modified collection schedule will remain in effect until further notice. To help navigate the recycling modifications, residents can visit DPW’s new online map that shows their recycling day and whether the address is on the A or B cycle.

It is critically important to note that these modifications do not impact trash collections and only pertain to recycling collections.


Visit the DPW website to find estimated delivery date for your recycling cart.

The online version of the 2022 DPW calendar outlines the new Bi-Weekly Recycling Collection schedule.

January 2022 page in DPW Calendar

DPW Collection Update Page Collection Update Information
Additional Bi-Weekly Recycling Collection information is available on the DPW website. Weather-related delays will also be posted on the DPW website. During winter weather, solid waste collections may be delayed due to road and alleyway conditions.

Recycling Right!
DPW encourages residents to “Recycle Right” by putting accepted materials in their carts and avoiding the use of plastic bags and other contaminants. It is more important than ever to ensure the recycling collected is clean and does not contain trash.  The Recycling Guide and other information can be found on DPW’s website.