A Jewish employee has filed a complaint against his former employer, claiming that he was forced to remove his yarmulka during work.

He says that the firm allegedly gave him the anti-Jewish instructions, after getting a complaint from a client he was training.

Golan Levy, of London, is a martial arts expert and safety instructor. HIs employer, Securitas UK, a British security firm, allegedly told him to remove his head covering while training clients over Zoom.

In addition, he says that they told him to remove an Israeli flag that could be seen in the background during sessions.

The Krav Maga expert who is also an Israeli citizen, accused the firm of discrimination and hired lawyers to file a grievance over the matter.

Mr. Levy reportedly got in touch with a local watchdog, the Community Security Trust (CST), and was told to file a complaint with the firm’s HR department, and demand a written apology.

He told the UK Jewish Chronicle: “I felt very embarrassed that I’d been told not to wear the kippah. Regarding my national flag, it’s like all my beliefs and all my feelings towards my faith, nationality, and how I’d been brought up, everything has been taken away from me, someone stepped on me.”

A spokesperson for Securitas UK was quoted as saying that they are investigating the allegations. In addition, they affirmed their commitment to treating all employees with respect and equality, irrespective of religion.