Americans Against Anti-Semitism has asked Amazon to remove from its platform more than 30 Nazi propaganda films that are available for purchase and streaming.

Israel Bitton, the watchdog group’s executive director, wrote an open letter to the online retail giant in which he listed the names of Nazi-produced films currently for sale via DVD on Amazon, or offered for rent or purchase via Amazon Prime Video.

“Amazon is a hotbed of Nazi propaganda. Literal, original, unadulterated Nazi propaganda that was produced in the Third Reich,” wrote Bitton. “Considering the severity of this issue and the need for speedy remedy, it’s my sincere hope you will look into it without unnecessary delay.”

The watchdog group said in a separate statement that Amazon “is presently the world’s largest purveyor of original Nazi propaganda films—something Hitler and Goebbels would surely have been grateful for.”... Read More: JNS