Gov. Ron DeSantis formally asked the Florida Legislature on Tuesday to pass a bill that would allow parents to sue school districts that teach critical race theory. 

"We reject the notion that parents shouldn't have a say in what their kids learn in school," DeSantis said during his 2022 State of the State Address that kicks off the 60-day legislative session. "Indeed, Florida law should provide parents with the right to review the curriculum used in their children's schools. We should provide parents with recourse so that state standards are enforced, such as Florida's prohibition on infusing subjects with critical race theory in our classrooms." 

DeSantis first called for a ban on critical race theory during a press conference in December but didn't cite any examples of such teachings in Florida schools. Instead, a press release from his office cited examples of teaching on race from other states largely reported by the conservative Manhattan Institute's City Journal. 

Critical race theory is an analytical framework typically taught in law schools that examines how slavery and racism in the US have shaped policies and institutions. Most public schools say critical race theory is not part of their curriculum.... Read More: Business Insider