A new congressional map that could enable Democrats to gain a seat and sweep all eight Maryland U.S. House seats was advanced Monday by a legislative committee, which did not act on a separate proposal by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

The committee's 18-6 vote on the first day of a special session on redistricting sends the proposal to the House of Delegates, which is expected to take up the map Tuesday.

Democrats who hold a supermajority in the General Assembly control the redistricting process in Maryland, but at a hearing there were plenty of critics who say the proposal continues the state's legacy of gerrymandering - in which politicians draw district lines to favor one party.

“Citizens living in gerrymandered districts feel as though their vote means nothing, so they stay home on Election Day rather than exercise their right to vote,” said Brigitta Mullican, of Rockville. "They believe you will do whatever you want and ignore the voters because they have seen this over and over.”