Incoming NYC Mayor Eric Adams will not commit to enforcing Mayor deBlasio’s new vaccine mandate on private companies when he takes office in several weeks.

According to the NY Times, Adams is going to reevaluate the controversial mandate, as well as other current Covid policies enacted by the authoritarian Mayor. On Monday, a spokesman for Adams suggested that while Adams will follow the “science”, he won’t necessarily follow deBlasio.

Evan Thies said, “The mayor-elect will evaluate this mandate and other Covid strategies when he is in office and make determinations based on science, efficacy and the advice of health professionals.”

There has been much speculation over whether Mr. Adams, who has not taken a position on many of the lame-duck Mayor’s extreme Covid rules, will enforce the old policies, or even keep them intact.

On MSNBC in November, regarding the vaccine mandate on city employees, Mr. Adams said, “We need to revisit how we are going to address the vaccine mandates,” he said.