NYC Mayor de Blasio has weighed in on a report first appearing on about an elderly Brooklyn couple was kicked off an American Airlines flight for refusing to drop a bag holding tallis and tefillin on the floor. Roberto and Elana Birman were returning home from Miami in August aboard Flight 322, when the incident occurred.

On Twitter, De Blasio remarked, “This an outrageous insult. Just tremendous disrespect to our entire Jewish community. @AmericanAir, you owe the Birmans a real apology and you need to change this policy. Now.”

Roberto, 76, and Elana, 71, boarded the plane with only a briefcase, a handbag, and his tallis bag — a small, 8.5-inch-by-8.5-inch clear plastic carrier. They sat across from one another in aisle seats. Prior to takeoff, a flight attendant began searching overhead bins, removed the tallis bag from one, and said, “Who is this?”... Read More: MATZAV