New U.S. coronavirus testing rules aimed at slowing the spread of the omicron variant will begin Monday, when all international travelers must show proof of a negative test taken within a day of their flight to the United States.

The new requirement announced this week is part of a strategy that includes the extension of a mandate that people on commercial aircraft and in other transportation settings wear masks, as well as the expansion of a program offering voluntary testing for new arrivals at key U.S. airports.

Airline and travel industry officials said Friday they were generally supportive of the temporary measures, seen as a way to ensure passenger health and confidence in flying. The new rules call on airlines to build upon a foundation for testing created earlier in the pandemic.

During his announcement of the changes, President Joe Biden said the tighter testing timeline would provide an added degree of protection for travelers as scientists continue to study the variant. The new measures come on the heels of a decision last week to ban travel from eight nations in southern Africa.... Read More: Washington Post