Hundreds of worshipers protested as the Women of The Wall held prayer services Sunday which included protest shirts in violation of decisions by the court and attorney general which prohibit protests at the Western Wall.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation said that the women had persistently acted in violation of these decisions. The foundation and the police called on the sides to prevent violence and desecration of the holy site and separated between the rival groups.

A Sefer Torah was also brought to the women’s section in violation of the rules. A senior official from the chareidi parties said that MK Gilad Kariv, a reform rabbi, had made a deal with police that he would not come and arouse provocations if the Women of the Wall would be allowed to bring a Sefer Torah.

Kariv denied the allegations but announced that he “congratulates the brave and courageous Women of the Wall who held prayers with Torah reading. We will act to implement the historic arrangement at the wall, which has broad coalition consensus. We will not allow Netanyahu and Deri to conduct a smear campaign stemming from political and personal reasons and deepen the polarization in Israeli society and in the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora.”... Read More: