Growing up I was known as the “stupid basketball player.”

My highlights included:

- Always being put in the lowest level class

- Diagnosed with serious dyslexia

- In 11th grade being asked to leave even the lowest math class because even that was too high for me, and I had to study with a tutor instead.

- Could barely get the minimum SAT score for DI NCAA eligibility to play college ball

Then what is a stupid basketball player like me doing at HY Labs in the prestigious Science Park in Rechovot?

Well, I first came across HY Labs when I was looking for a lab to do testing on my new product, the Antimicrobial and Moisture Wicking Aviv Basketball Net. Turns out HY Labs does testing for leading biotech companies around the world. They worked with me, and the test results were amazing - the Aviv Net proved to dramatically clean the ball from bacteria and sweat.

A few weeks later I got a phone call from the PR department at HY Labs. They said that they heard about the net, were very impressed, and would like to do a feature article on it. I thought to myself, “You're kidding right? With all the brilliant people from the dozens of leading biotech companies that they work with, and they want to talk to ME about the Aviv Net??”

Even though years have passed since 11th grade math class, I still have never been able to completely shake the feeling that I’m just the Stupid Basketball Player.

But here I am today, at HY Labs, for the photo shoot and interview.

If you're like me and can't even spell 'science' I want you to know that all the things people say about you, the names they call, or the stigmas you get stuck with - are hurtful but they say nothing about you. These people have NO clue about the incredibly creative way you see things and all the unique ways that your brain works. So work with your creativity, unique perspective, and all your special strengths and it will ultimately bring you extraordinary success!


The "Not So" Stupid Basketball Player (Tamir)