The State of Israel opened its borders to vaccinated foreign tourists on November 1, after a period of more than one and a half years during which tourists were barred from entering the country. Now, just four weeks after reopening, Israel is once again slamming its borders shut to foreigners.

In response to the new Omicron variant, Israel’s Corona cabinet has decided to, once again, bar all entry by non-citizens. This new edict will be in effect for 14 days, beginning tomorrow night (between Sunday and Monday) at midnight. It is presumed that foreigners who reside in Israel (visa holders) will also be included in the ban. Hence, foreign residents of Israel who find themselves abroad at this time should consider hastening their return to Israel. Similarly, foreign residents who were intending to travel abroad for Chanuka may wish to reconsider their plans.

At this time, it is unknown if those in the air, en route to Israel at the time the ban takes effect will be permitted to enter Israel. Similarly, it is unclear if those holding Entry Permits will be allowed to travel to Israel once the ban takes effect.

In a related development, Israelis returning from abroad, even if vaccinated, will now be required to quarantine for three days upon landing. They will be allowed to exit quarantine after receiving a negative Covid result on the third day.