Aviv Nets co-founder Tamir Goodman, once called 'the Jewish Jordan,' responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by creating an innovative product that has the NBA's interest.

As Tamir Goodman sat in his living room in January 2021 with his family during yet another of Israel's several Covid-related lockdowns, he received an email from his children's basketball coaches that would set him on a path to a new venture involving several NBA teams and upcoming sales in one of America's largest sporting-goods chains.

"We got an email saying we're not sure if we're ever going back to basketball practice, but if we do, every kid needs to bring their own basketball," says Tamir Goodman, adding that the new rule was intended to prevent the spread of germs.

For Goodman, who in 1999 was ranked the 25th-best high school player in the U.S. and had been dubbed "the Jewish Jordan" in the pages of Sports Illustrated, this news about basketball hit him hard. "I was like, I can't believe we've gotten to a point where we can't pass a basketball anymore," he says. Goodman had been especially highly-regarded as a player for his vision and ability to pass to the open player. Passing a basketball is something he speaks about in terms that intertwine his religious beliefs about treating others equally and doing good for others.... Read More: inc.com