With the number of Holocaust survivors dwindling by the day, the need for innovation in the realm of educating future generations about the Nazi genocide is only getting more urgent.

This was the challenge Los Angeles-based video game director Luc Bernard decided he must tackle. And now, after a decade of starts and stops, his educational video game about the Holocaust — “The Light in the Darkness” — is set to launch on Xbox and Windows 10 next year as a free-to-play title.

“People complain about the lack of knowledge about the Holocaust and the rise of antisemitism, but nobody is offering any solutions, which is what this game does,” Bernard — who was born in France and raised in the United Kingdom — told the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM). “Maybe we need to try something a bit new.”

Bernard’s personal interest in the Holocaust is tied to his own family’s history. As a child, he was told about his grandmother in the UK who looked after Jewish refugee children who were rescued from Nazi Germany as part of the “Kindertransport” rescue operation just before the outbreak of World War II.... Read More: Vosizneias.com