Baltimore City States' Attorney Marilyn Mosby fired back at Gov. Larry Hogan during a news conference on Tuesday in which he said Mosby was not doing enough to prosecute violent offenders and called for an audit of her office.

Mosby addressed Hogan's remarks as a "political stunt.'

"I regret even having to respond to the likes of this governor. For the past seven years, just like Donald Trump, Larry Hogan has used Baltimore City as a punching bag," Mosby said. "He's attacked me, he's attacked all four mayors, he's attacked all five police commissioners. And, quite candidly, he's been more concerned with pointing the finger at everyone else as opposed to actually leading and delivering for a city that is the heartbeat of this state."

Hogan has ordered state funds to be withheld pending the results of an audit into Mosby's office's conviction rates. In response, Mosby informed the media that she has nothing to hide.... Read More: WBAL