Get excited! This Shabbos, Parshas Lech Lecha, is the opening week of the new and best-ever Bnos season yet.

There’s incredible programming in store. Last year’s successful programs are back, many with upgrades:

1) Bnos Shabbos groups is our flagship program for girls in K-5th grades. In keeping with the Shabbos Shmittah year, our theme is “Come grow with us,” and we’ll be teaching the lamed-tes melachos. Our leaders’ handbooks are ready to go, packed with stories, games, and activities. Also planned for our leaders are national phone training sessions. And you’re going to love our freshly recorded theme song.

2) Bnos One-on-One is a wildly popular program that matches high-school Big Sisters with middle-school Little Sisters for one-on-one and group activities. We’re adding expanded Big Sister training to empower the high school volunteers to be the best Big Sisters they can be.

3) Bnos Bikur Cholim (BBC) is back, too, benefitting seniors with high-school phone mates, virtual and in-person visits, mishloach manos, and summer camp performances. Over the past year and a half, we broadened our vision to included COVID-friendly programs.

4) Bnos hotlines and weekly newsletters will keep girls connected all week long!

Brand NEW for this year is our Bnos middle-school division. For too long, middle-schoolers were “caught in the middle,” too old for Bnos groups and too young to be leaders. But no more.

Now they have their own division geared to their specific needs. We were busy all summer, LOL, developing fun, “with-it” games, stories, themes, activities, RAOK, and events for middle school BFFs. Why all the acronyms? Come and find out!

There’s endless fun-with-a-purpose happening in 5782, and we want every girl to be part of it.

Do you need more info about joining your local branch? Would you like to open a new Bnos branch or program for the upcoming season?

Email us at, and we’ll get you started.