Dr. Wlaa Khajazi, whose three aunts died of coronavirus in one week, spoke to 103 FM Radio describing the chain of events.

"These are three sisters - one was vaccinated with three doses, one vaccinated with two doses, and one unvaccinated," Dr. Khajazi, who is a senior doctor in Rambam Health Care Campus' urgent care department, told the radio station. "From a health perspective they were fine - clear-headed, independent, functioned without any limitations."

"At the beginning of August there was an outbreak in Tamra, and the three began to suffer symptoms. It's almost certain that one infected the other, but we didn't bring them to the emergency room. They reported only weakness and a light cough. They all knew that they were in the hospital but none knew that the other had died. The problem with this disease is that it's always surprising you - even when it seems everything is fine, it can all change in a second."

Dr. Khajazi added, "We planned to release one of them home for home oxygen and the next day her situation simply deteriorated. One of them even asked that we bring her a certain food that she likes the next day, it all looked calm, but her situation also deteriorated in a moment."... Read More: Arutz-7