The final known U.S. missile strike of the 20-year war in Afghanistan may not have hit a vehicle ready to carry out an ISIS-K attack as evacuations from Kabul neared an end, despite what officials in the Biden administration have said, according to the newly released findings of a media investigation.

Interviews and video collected by the New York Times indicate a Reaper drone attack on a white sedan on Aug. 29, which the military said was believed to have been carrying explosives and posed an “imminent” threat to the airport, killed an aid worker who had no clear ties to the ISIS affiliate that claimed responsibility for the deadly attack that killed 13 U.S. service members and scores of others earlier that week. The strike also killed several of the man’s family members.

Camera footage shows the driver filled plastic containers with a water hose in his car’s trunk. The driver, identified as Zemari Ahmadi, worked as an electrical engineer for Nutrition and Education International, a U.S. aid company headquartered in California.

“We have nothing to do with terrorism or ISIS,” said NEA’s country director, who professed a love for the United States.... Read More: Washington Examiner