Baltimore, MD - Sept. 2, 2021 - Please continue to take COVID seriously.  Contrary to the beliefs of many in the community, COVID is on the rise in our community and vaccinated people are getting COVID, getting sick, and getting hospitalized.  

Current statistics:

  • One-third of people testing positive for COVID at the Star-K community testing site have been fully vaccinated
  • The number of requests for monoclonal antibodies at our infusion center has skyrocketed. From January through July, we did 120 infusions. In August alone, we have done over 70 infusions. The majority of patients who have come for monoclonal antibody infusions have been fully vaccinated.

Unless we remain vigilant, the upcoming yomim tovim can have catastrophic effects on our community.  Getting fully vaccinated is an important first step, because getting vaccinated decreases the chances of severe symptoms developing if one were to get COVID, but there are a number of other steps that we can take to help prevent further spread within the community. Some of these include:

  • Wearing a mask and distancing when appropriate. This includes adhering to local and federal guidelines. To assist in this effort, Hatzalah will be distributing standard and KN95 face masks and hand sanitizer to shuls and schools throughout the community. 
  • People should not go out in public if they are sick without COVID testing. Remember, especially in vaccinated people, COVID can manifest itself with minor cold symptoms, including cough, congestion, sore throat, headache, and stomach upset. Anyone with these symptoms should get tested for COVID, even if you have been vaccinated.

If one does have COVID, please remember that monoclonal antibodies are extremely effective in reducing the severity of COVID symptoms. The indications for monoclonal antibody use have expanded, and many people who were previously did not qualify, will currently qualify. In addition, many people with high-risk conditions who were exposed to a patient with COVID will qualify for prophylactic (preventative) therapy with monoclonal antibodies. For more information about monoclonal antibody therapy at the Baltimore Hatzalah Infusion Center, please call 410-585-0054, and press 2 to be connected to a member of the monoclonal antibody staff.

We pray that the upcoming year will bring with it an end to this pandemic and will hopefully allow us the opportunity to return to life as we knew it before COVID.

Eli Goldstein,  DHSc, PA-C                            Yosef Levenbrown, DO

President                                                          Medical Director