Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei inaugurated the country’s new ultra-conservative President Ebrahim Raisi Tuesday, as the Islamic Republic enters a crucial phase with prolonged domestic protests against the regime.

In addition, the delicate negotiations between Tehran and the six world powers regarding the country’s atomic ambitions are likely to shortly restart, as there was a hiatus following the end of the last round of negotiations in Vienna; following which Iran announced that there would be no further talks until Raisi’s investiture.

“Following the people’s choice, I task the wise, indefatigable, experienced and popular Hojatoleslam Ebrahim Raisi as president of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Khamenei wrote in a decree read out by his chief of staff, reported AFP.

Apart from the nuclear negotiations, which Raisi said while President-elect that he did not want to drag on for too long and that there was a small window of opportunity to strike a deal, the United States, United Kingdom, and Israel have each pointed the finger of blame at the Islamic Republic regarding Thursday’s attack on a commercial ship, the Mercer Street in the Gulf of Oman, using an attack drone.... Read More: i24