Baltimore, MD - July 19, 2021  -3:00PM - The following was sent just a few minutes ago:

Dear Parents and Talmidim,

It is with great excitement that we announce the promotion of Rabbi Yisrael Lefkovitz from Sgan Menahel to Menahel of our Mesivta. Rabbi Lefkovitz brings decades of valuable experience to the position, both as a classroom Rebbi and Sgan Menahel. We believe his elevation will help maintain our Mesivta as the premiere option for serious, growth-oriented Bnei Torah who strive to succeed in all areas of Limud HaTorah and General Studies.

Rabbi Lefkovitz has dedicated his life to our Mesivta and to each of its talmidim and carries a tremendous Koach that refuses to settle for the status quo. He is constantly looking to raise the benchmark for our Mesivta and all of its Talmidim, adeptly helping each one reach his full potential. In his role as a Rebbi, his shiur has thrived year after year from his warmth and energy as well as his ability to consistently maintain a high level of discipline. His global institutional knowledge and strong relationships within TA formed over many years, will IY”H ensure a seamless transition into his new position.

Throughout the remainder of the summer, Rabbi Lefkovitz will be working with his Rebbeim and Rabbi Steinberg to prepare for the upcoming year, focusing on the needs of each individual talmid as well as on our Mesivta as a whole. We look forward to working with you in a collaborative effort to see our Mesivta reach tremendous heights.

May HKB”H give us the continued success with our talmidim under the dynamic leadership of Rabbi Yisrael Lefkovitz.

Best regards,

Shmuel Luxenburg

Chairman of the Board

Shlomo Spetner

Chairman of the Vaad HaChinuch