Baltimore, MD - June 23, 2021 - Do you hear it?

It starts as a low murmur. And then it grows in its excitement and energy. And then you hear it.

The sound of Torah.

The thunderous, explosive sound of Torah reverberating throughout TA’s batei midrashos and classrooms. It’s like nothing you’ve heard before.

Why was it so special this year?

The answer: Hadron Aloch

There are no words to possibly do justice in describing our Hadran Aloch: A Celebration of Torah campaign. From the learning to the siyum, concert, and campaign, the energy at TA was electric!

In the days leading up to the end of the school year, TA was alive with energy and the enthusiasm of talmidim, Rebbeim and parents was contagious! The Hadron Aloch: A Celebration of Torah campaign included a series of visits from local rabbonim, exciting activities and contests for our talmidim and culminated in a 36 hour online matching campaign.

On June 6-8, our TA talmidim enjoyed visits from local community rabbonim who gave of their precious time to come to campus. The boys enjoyed hearing divrei chizuk and learning together with our rabbonim, many of whom joined their classroom lessons.

On June 8, our talmidim took up the challenge to "LEARN IT"- reviewing their limudim of this year, creating a massive Kol Torah throughout TA’s campus! Following their grand siyumim, the entire TA family joined together to "LOVE IT", capping off the day with an amazing concert by the remarkable Benny Friedman!

The exciting week concluded on June 9-10 with "LIVE IT", a 36 hour online matching campaign. B”H thanks to generous local and other donors, TA surpassed its $1.2m goal and has currently raised $1,321,476!

Thank you to the various committees who worked on the many facets of the celebration. To the menahelim, principals, to the Rebbi committee, to our facilities and food management departments, and to literally every parent and family member of all TA students, you have all played a part in this incredible experience.

Thank you to the development team, the lay leadership, and the campaign ambassadors, captains and donors who work so hard to make this campaign a success, and donate so generously of their time and resources.

Thank you to all of the rebbeim, morohs, and teachers who have given it their all this entire year and created an environment over the last few weeks that was nothing less than inspirational. It is our hope that the boys will take this passion for learning well into the summer and beyond!

As we close out this difficult school year, one with many obstacles to overcome, and move into our summer vacation, we could not be prouder of our TA talmidim.  They have learned it, they have loved it, and they have lived it!

Hadron Aloch: A Celebration of Torah. Because we’ve always taken it for granted. But this year, we realized how very precious it is. There’s nothing like it in the world.