Entry into Israel by foreigners continues to be mostly prohibited. However, on Thursday, June 10, in one of his final acts in office, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri released a letter promising leniencies in entry to Israel for individual tourists. This announcement was quickly picked up by media outlets, who trumpeted that Israel would allow entry to vaccinated individual tourists, starting July 1. 

However, the missive did not specify what the actual leniencies would be. Chaim V’Chessed has learned that despite the early release of this letter, government officials have not yet determined what, if any, leniencies will take effect. Yesterday, June 13, officials held an inconclusive meeting on this matter, and decisions have not been reached.

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Furthermore, a new government, as well as a new Health Minister, were sworn in last night. Sources tell us that the establishment of the new administration may alter or delay implementation of the leniencies. With this in mind, we suggest exercising caution when making plans for July travel to Israel until details have been determined by the relevant government agencies.