A recent study by the Cleveland Clinic analyzing more than 50,000 of its employees over five months found that those who had been infected with COVID-19 did not benefit from vaccinations. During the study, researchers found that not a single person who had been previously infected with the virus became ill.

According to a Life Sciences news report, the participants were divided into three groups. One group consisted of people who were previously infected and unvaccinated. The second group already had COVID-19 but received two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, and the third group were people who did not have COVID-19 but received their shots.A fourth, control group, never had COVID-19 and were not vaccinated.

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The study, available in preprint and has not been peer reviewed, found that 99.3% of all infections occurred in participants who were not infected previously and were unvaccinated. Only 0.7% of COVID-19 illness appeared in those who didn’t have COVID-19 but received their vaccines. And amazingly, not a single infection was found among study subjects who were previously infected, with or without vaccination.

Researchers found that the duration of natural protection and immunity against COVID-19 remained strong for at least 10 months after infection. Experts point out that the study was performed during a period of vaccine shortage but provides useful information for countries still experiencing lack of supplies to combat COVID-19.

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